The Light as spoken of By Aristotle and Plato a concept spoken in the 4th century BC which Lost substance in the 13th Century

This is my first time on Reddit and this is My first Post. A friend Recommended this Site as a Place for Information and topical diacussions. I wanted to ask for any information that may further my understandings of God. I recently experienced a strange Happening whilst using LSD, I’ve used the Drug Many times in the Past and have had a Few out of the considered ordinary experiences. The main one which I’m hoping to be able to discuss Is this.

Whilst having sex (I use LSD mainly for Sex as it is incomparable to Normal
Sex or any other Drug) I soon Fell into a Trance which for myself was very unusual.. during this Trance I remember being Shown what I could only describe afterwards as being ‘Blood Lines’ and as I was being ‘Shown’ these Blood lines someone or something was giving me Frequencies these Frequencies were Taking me to the ‘Most High’ or ‘God’ I remember consciously getting myself involved altering my Trance like state and Ruining my Orgasm it was intense But wasn’t what it should of been.
When I can from the Trance (bare in mind I have never Experienced such a Trance like State before and I have use the ‘Drug’ A lot) my first reaction and unknowingly Honest words were, ‘i have just been communicating with Demons’

I had Sex for a second time that night maybe 30 or so Minutes later and Fell again into a Trance like State to cut this story short as I orgasmed my Mind’s eye lit up ! I was blinded by Light in the corner of the Light I remember seeing a Hand but only the Dark resemblance a shadow if you will.

Does anybody have some Information for me Please. Thankyou

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