Indian Electro Dub Spiritual Chillout Masaladosa

~ Keep The Balance Into Yourself & Into The World ~

Album Tracklist:

Track 01 – Ganapati 04.31
Track 02 – Boom Shankar 03.39
Track 03 – Madhuvanti 05.21
Track 04 – Yassa Masala 03.47
Track 05 – Shiva Express 03.42
Track 06 – Jungly Baba 03.34
Track 07 – Shakti 03.47
Track 08 – Biryani 04.22
Track 09 – Amma 04.18
Track 10 – Ram Ram 04.36

Total Running Time: 41 min 41 sec

The Masaladosa continent, which lies between Asia and Europe, brings us a spicy mix of Indian and Modern music. These five French musicians have travelled the world, from London to Calcutta, from Jamaica to Rajasthan, bringing back a hypnotic sound and contagious energy. Accompanying the mystic oscillations of the sitar are percussions and ragas brought from India, but also Jamaican grooves, World, Dub, Drum n’ Bass, gently salted with a touch of electro: a surprising blend of Indian and Modern sounds.

Spiralling melodies ascending to elastic rhythms, MASALADOSA has found a middle path between traditional instruments, studied with Masters in India and pounded local samples. A spiritual and high-sounding meal to be tasted live! Once on stage MASALADOSA gives it their all, breaking borders and overpowering the senses.

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Album Released: 2004

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