What does the destruction of Theosophy mean for spirituality?

The fact that Theosophy is so against sex and we’re seeing spiritual people noticing that sex and many human/”worldly” things are actually spiritually helpful for “enlightenment” (even Advaita teachers like Nisargadatta have said this a long time ago), it seems that it is enough of a contradiction to fully destroy Theosophy, forever making it old history.

But what will people even learn from this? Theosophy is more scientific sounding than Christianity but less popular. For instance, when Christianity is forever destroyed and made old history, people will just remember it as an old and long held mythology… But if people actually knew Theosophy, they would be amazed at how detailed and believable it was compared to Christianity, how incredibly real it sounded… only to finally be proven as false, just like every other old religion.

I think that the destruction of Theosophy will come with the end of the old tendency to “worship the oldest religions, they must be true forever because they are so old”.

With my sex example, there were and STILL are many reasons for people to be sex-negative, and even think it is spiritually harmful. 1 thing is the fear of rape, but when rape is no longer possible then what ever was the ‘harm’ of sex? it was always just socially bad to be perverted, people didn’t want to use it spiritually (like your precious leader, Nisargadatta has said, contradicting every religion ever that says lust is detestible, likely because they wanted to prevent males from doing bad things over lust)

And then, just to tease another reason why I think Theosophy’s destruction is imminent: it’s obvious but

human love > “unconditional Love”

of course it is more spiritual to love 1 person in a human/selfish way, than to “love” everyone equally, which isn’t even possible in practice because it will always be impossible to love everyone the same. do you love the deer outside as much as your mama and papa? no, you would kill that deer if needed, maybe (if you are so inclined to be so violent, so as to kill an innocent deer for food)

so in conclusion: i think that people who try to be intellectual and figure things out that way can’t, you can’t use your intelligence/brain to figure out everything, and i am amazed at how theosophy always thought it could know.

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